When I was about 12 years old, my family visited Interlochen Center For The Arts in northwestern lower Michigan.  I saw a group of students throwing pottery on kick wheels.  I was amazed at how the pots seemed to grow from their wheels.  My grandmother was an artist and was slip casting ceramics at that time, so she let me play with some clay.  I was hooked.

From then on, playing with clay was always something I wanted to do.  Finally in the late 1980’s I studied throwing ceramics in San Diego.  I continued throwing pots for about 10 years, wishing I could do it full time, but I had to work for living and couldn’t squeeze in more than a few pots now and then.

Then in 2011, almost 35 years later, I retired and had all the time in the world!   I converted my garage into a studio and ordered some stoneware clay.  After testing and playing, I discovered I enjoyed hand building better than throwing.  I like the idea of designing an item from scratch, creating a pattern, cutting it out, putting it together, and thereby experimenting with the clay’s limits.

Lately, I’ve started working with porcelain, making ceramic flowers, which have been an interesting challenge trying to make them as realistic as possible.

I love making functional and decorative ceramics.   I want the piece to invite the user to  touch it, wonder in its design.  I hope my pieces will bring enjoyment, peace, and some reflection into its creation.